Safety Dynamics is your one-stop Bay Area based source for complete camera system design, installation and service . We provide  analog / digital cameras and camera systems ,  with DVRs and NVRs ,  servers and all camera accessories .   Programming your network cameras to send live pictures and video to your 3G / 4G enabled phone is very easy .

Safety Dynamics has recently entered into an agreement with California based KBC Networks to utilize their propietary ISP Wireless Ethernet Systems .    Call John at (510) 547-7656 or email for exciting details on this type of system is perfect for medium or large networks . 

Our experts will consult with you , FREE OF CHARGE ,  to determine what camera or camera system fits your specific requirements .  With so many camera choices available ,  let Safety Dynamics design your system from the ground up .

Our recently completed camera installation jobs include a network IP camera system within an Oakland Hills residential neighborhood ,   a Grizzy Peak Blvd camera consultation and initial system design with thermal cameras ,  and a San Francisco apartment building initial network IP system design .

From facial detection , to store-front cash register transaction captures , to license plate recognition and full Vehicle Identity Recognition ( VIR ) with comprehensive software , network and database support and communication interfaces ,  including NCIC links ,  Safety Dynamics is the Bay Area Leader in state-of-the-art camera systems .

Call Toll Free 1(866) TEAM SAFE or (510) 547-SAFE (7233) ,  or email at .    If you have a complex camera project ,  and would like to set-up a consultation appointment with one of our network engineers ,  email John at with a quick description of your project .

Government clients can contact John at .