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 Specials on multiple homes within one block  365 x 24 x 7  Oakland Hills Patrol .

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You can not get better alarm monitoring .
You will save thousands of dollars over the years at our guaranteed price of $21.00 per month * ( vs. average $40/mo ) .  You will save again when we issue you our official authorized HOMEOWNERS ALARM MONITORING INSURANCE CERTIFICATE that will save you up to twenty percent ( 20% ) off your home insurance costs every year that you have Safety Dynamics alarm monitoring .
You  get  UL Listed alarm monitoring by our expertly trained alarm operators on a 365 x 24 x 7 basis.  Our quad redundancy model ensures that your alarm signal is received and processed simultaneously by physically independent monitoring stations .
We can monitor almost ANY alarm system,  including Ademco , Honeywell , Bay Alarm,  ADT,  Sentry Alert,  G.E. , Broadview and most others.  We can take over older systems by Westec ,  Moose ,  Apex ,  and many others ,  too .
You owe it to yourself to stop paying too much for your home OR business alarm monitoring.   Join our other bay area clients that have made the smart choice and switched their alarm monitoring to Safety Dynamics .
Safety Dynamics is dedicated to quality service.  In fact, you will most likely receive BETTER SERVICE with us,  as we are a local Bay Area company that has been in the security business for over twenty (20) years .  We have the local resources to fix any problem or answer any questions that may arise.  We operate our armed patrol services in the Bay Area on a 365 x 24 x 7 basis and always have local staff on duty if you have a problem .
ALARM SYSTEM SPECIAL :   Safety Dynamics has cellular alarm service now available for as low as $39.99 per month !     Use this for the ultimate redundancy in fire and intrusion alarms,  or in homes where you have no landline phone service .
Call John at (510) 547-SAFE ( 7233 ) ,  or email .    What a great value for extra peace of mind  . . . . only from Safety Dynamics – your source of complete residential and business alarm /security solutions for the Greater Bay Area .     Get it now and save serious dollars .
* Client must pay by monthly electronic bank transfer to get this rate .
We have made agreements with two (2) of the largest video distributors in California .   Safety Dynamics now supplys video hardware and software ,  service and support for everything from simple add-on cameras to full networked megapixel camera systems . Our manufacture line-up includes : ACTi , Arecont Vision , Bosch , Canon , GE , LuxRiot , Panasonic , Sony and Vivotek .
Current specials :

The E77 10MP Outdoor Day/Night IP Camera from ACTi features a 10MP 1/2.3 progressive-scan CMOS image sensor to produce up to 1920×1080 resolution video at 30fps. It is capable of dual-stream feeds, allowing for simultaneous H.264 and MJPEG compressions for high-resolution recording and a lower-resolution display. This enables you to capture great detail for playback and back-up while easing the load on your computer’s video card.

Designed for outdoor applications, the housing is IP66 rated to be water-resistant and dustproof, and IK10 rated for vandal-resistance. The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) systems provide high-contrast in all light conditions, and when it gets dark, ten IR LEDs switch on and provide a night vision reach of up to 100 feet.

The camera is equipped with a terminal block that has audio in/out and alarm in/out. The audio terminals allow for external microphones and speakers to be used for 2-way communication, or for integrating the camera into a PA system. The alarm terminals allow for external appliances such as panic buttons, PIRs, contacts, or smoke detectors to trigger recording; while the output enables relays and sirens to be activated. This fully-customizable camera has multiple recording modes and camera options such as image quality, motion-detection zones and sensitivity, and privacy masking.

  • 10MP 1/2.3″ progressive-scan CMOS sensor
  • 101° field of view
  • Up to 1920 x 1080 resolution at 30 fps with adjustable aspect ratios
  • H.264 and MJPEG compression options
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) for high-contrast in all light conditions
  • Dual-stream capable for high-resolution recording and lower-resolution viewing
Multiple Recording Modes
  • Manual mode: Turn recording on/off manually
  • Motion-detection mode: when motion is detected, recording starts with adjustable pre and post-event intervals from 10 seconds before to 24 hours after
  • Digital input mode: also called ‘Alarm In’, recording starts when an external appliance, like a PIR, door/window contact, or panic button, are tripped
  • Scheduled mode: recording starts/stops at pre-determined times
  • Fully password protected for remote access
  • RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100 port
  • Use as a stand-alone camera or integrate into a surveillance system
  • Store files to an NVR or NAS, and locally
  • Accepts microSD cards up to 32GB
  • View, playback, program, and backup to dedicated NVR or remote computer
  • Fully compatible with Internet Explorer, limited compatibility with all other browsers
  • ONVIF compliant makes it compatible with other ONVIF devices from multiple manufacturers
Outdoor Installation
  • 10 IR LEDs for low/no-light conditions
  • Up to 100′ night vision range
  • IP66 rated weather resistant
  • IK10 vandal resistant
  • Shatter-resistant clear dome
  • Included cable and conduit gland for preserving water-resistance
Digital Input / Output
  • One each, on a terminal block
  • Use for wiring external appliances to the camera
  • Camera can be set to record automatically, with programmable resolution, frame rate, and bit rate for maximum image quality
  • Combine in/out appliances like a PIR and a light relay to enhance security in an area
  • Programmable DO and recording intervals
  • Digital Input:
    • Connect external device such as a panic button, door/window contacts, PIR, or smoke detector, to activate the camera when tripped
    • A signal is sent to the control center when an appliance is tripped
  • Digital Output:
    • Connect external device like a siren or relays to activate at signal from the camera, or manually from the control center
    • Can be used with facial/license plate recognition software to trigger lights, gate operators, or door releases
Customizable Camera Features
  • Camera name and day/date/time stamp
  • Recording resolution, frame rate, and bit rate
  • Choose local memory-card and/or remote NVR or NAS to save files and logs
  • Motion-detection zones, sensitivity, and trigger intervals
  • Multiple privacy-masking zones blocks areas from viewing and recording
  • Horizontal image flipping, vertical image mirroring
  • Adjustable brightness, contrast, exposure, and saturation
  • Automatic email notifications with video clip or snapshot, and audio attachment
Audio In/Out
  • One each, on a terminal block
  • Connect external microphone to expand surveillance coverage
  • Connect external speaker for 2-way communication
  • Integrate into PA system
  • Audio in/out carried over Ethernet cable
Dual Power Options
  • Compatible with IEEE802.3af Class 2 Power-over-Ethernet
  • Can be powered by external power supplies if used stand-alone or if NVR is not PoE compatible

Only until 30 JUN 2016 the cost per unit installed is $321.50 .   Buy eight (8) or more installed and the price drops to an unbelievable $269.50 .    Extended to the end of MAR 2017 . 

The MSRP is $670.00 !

CAT5E sheilded plenum cables – call for pricing on this hard to get Ethernet cable . Perfect for hills area installations where EMI and RF interferrence may be at their worst ,  and plenum rated for the highest fire resistance available .
We have this cable at the lowest install prices anywhere ,  and we are the only security company that we know of  that will offer this to all of our customers at a greatly reduced rate for the BEST in SIGNAL INTEGRETY and FIRE SAFETY !!!
And remember :  We provide the before , during  and after installation consulting and service with our staff of trained experts .   From network engineers and network programmers to software programmers and firmware programmers ,  our camera professionals will  work tirelessly with you , free of charge , to determine which camera or camera system is best for your application .
This is real added value ,  and will ensure that you get the correct camera system at a  fair cost .   This is what Safety Dynamics does . . . . . design , install and after-sale service complete camera solutions for your home or business .
Email or telephone Toll Free 1(866) TEAM SAFE today .