Alarm Monitoring

Ultra Low Cost Premium Service Level Alarm Monitoring from Safety Dynamics . Do you like saving money ? Of course you do ! Local Oakland-based Safety Dynamics Alarm Monitoring for $21.99 per month is here ! Why pay more ? Safety Dynamics provides unparalled service and support with our $21.99 per month alarm monitoring service . Already have an alarm system being monitored ? Contact us now to arrange our local Safety Dynamics monitoring .

Make the smart and easy switch to our premium service level alarm monitoring . You will get five (5) full years of our award winning 365 x 24 x 7 burglar alarm monitoring at our guaranteed monthly rate of $21.99 .   Compare that to the industry average cost at $39 per month totalling a bloated $2,340.00 ! Payments month-to-month are accepted with EFT . Our UL Listed Central Monitoring Station uses the latest technologies coupled with our 365 x 24 x 7 professional staff to bring you the best service and monitoring experience available . Client can log onto our secure server and take control of their own account with our premier ClientServe feature. Remote access has never been easier . Need signs and stickers ? Safety Dynamics will provide our multi-colored 3M light reflective yard markers and window stickers so that you will visually deter any attempt to break into your home or business . Specially designed for maximum conspicuousnous, our signage announces you are serious about your premises’ security with a local phone number included .