Armed Patrol

Available in select Bay Area and Los Angeles Areas only .

We use Ford Motor Company vehicles .

Oakland Hills Area Patrol is now expanding in certain areas only .

Call  547-SAFE  or email   .


Safety Dynamics security personnel are trained as patrol guards to ensure the best coverage and tactical operations per individual guard ,  maximizing each single guard’s effectiveness .

Contact John ,  Toll Free at  1(866) TEAM SAFE ,  or email  .



Expensive ,  but worth it if you have persons or property to immediately protect – available in the Bay Area and the Los Angeles Area .     1(866) TEAM SAFE .


Posted Guards :

Safety Dynamics now has over 100 uniformed armed and unarmed guards statewide .

Email your requirements to  John at  ,  or telephone

1 (866) TEAM SAFE .   We perform free mobile patrol supervisor checks with new Ford patrol cars in the Bay Area and Los Angeles Area .

Contract and emergency services available statewide .