Services may only be available in certain areas.  Before purchasing service on this site,  please verify that Safety Dynamics service is offered for your location.
You may email admin@safetydynamics.org to verify that services offered on this website are available in your area.

Safety Dynamics protects your purchases online through PayPal security. You should feel reasonably confident that your information provided is secured through PayPal, however, if you wish to purchase services or products without using PayPal,  you may do so by emailing sales@safetrydynamics.org,  or telephoning our office at (510) 547-7233 with your order. Please be advised that email orders placed off of this website are subject to verification and delay, as are telephone orders. Telephone orders must be received by a live person and must be followed by an email verification from sales@safetydynamics.org.

In certain cases, Safety Dynamics may require an in-person (at clients physical street address )  signed service or sales agreement in order to verify the location of client,  the availability of services in any given location, or the credit rating of client.