Safety Dynamics Testimonials

” I want to thank Safety Dynamics for making our security system operational once more. When we moved into our house, there was an existing hard wired system that was non-operational and generating error messages. I brought in another firm,  and all they wanted to do was sell me a new wireless system.    When I called Safety Dynamics all   my interactions were good from the outset.

Whereas    my   initial conversations with the other company were with sales and marketing people, I was able to talk directly with a knowledgeable Alarm Systems Manager at Safety Dynamics, and he was interested in understanding my problem       and helping me solve it.         The technician who came out to work on the system      was absolutely first-rate.    He immediately understood my system,      promptly diagnosed the problems and fixed them all in a very expeditious manner. My alarm system now works.    I’m   very  glad  I  called  Safety Dynamics.   I now know who to call    when  any future problems with the   system arise, and  I will  be  happy  to recommend Safety Dynamics to my neighbors. ”  –  Rich S .   Walnut Creek Homeowner

” The best money can buy for private patrol service here in Oakland .   The Safety Dynamics Team is very professional ,  and quickly gets things done to keep my family , home and cars safe and secure .”  –  Clifford M .   Oakland Homeowner

“What really attracted me to Safety Dynamics is that they both promise and deliver extremely personalized ,  locally based 24 hour service .  Their pro-active security measures and armed patrol guards are always responsive and comprehensive .  My peace of mind has increased greatly under their watchful professional eyes .”  – Kristin W .  Oakland Homeowner

” Safety Dynamics Alarm service is a great value .  Before I was having trouble with my alarm system from a big company .   Safety Dynamics fixed the problem and switched me over to their great value 24 hour monitoring .   I  now have better alarm service and am saving THOUSANDS of dollars !  Thank you Safety Dynamics . ”  – Barbara N .  Oakland Homeowner

“Safety Dynamics Patrol was on their usuall everyday rounds past my house one night last year when their on-duty mobile patrol person noticed a heavy smell of gas eminating from around my homes’ premesis .

The Safety Dynamics patrol person immediately notified me ,   and as we both stood their at my front door at 12 AM midnight ,  we subsequently decided to call the PG & E emergency 24 hour call center .

Safety Dynamics Patrol is the most aware ,  professional , and valuble private patrol organization that I have ever seen .   Their constant watch over my home and family is very reassurring ,  especially in this era of collapsing local government services .

Thank you Safety Dynamics ! ”    –    Tom W.    Oakland Homeowner