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Today is  Tuesday ,  October  17  ,  2017





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Our patrol :  We use new and newer style Ford Motor Company patrol cars with and without lightbars .

3M light reflective PATROL signs and STICKERS – a huge advantage and tremendous individual deterrent for each property !

Watch for our patrol and sign up :   patrol@safetydynamics.org   or  510547-SAFE .

Call now  510547-7233  or email  patrol@safetydynamics.org  .

Armed guards : guards@safetydynamics.org  .

THE HARTFORD policies ( rated #1 overall 2012 ) we carry :

  • CGL at $3M
  • Commercial Auto at $1M
  • Full CA Workers Comp at $1M
  • Professional E&O under our insurance Umbrella
  • Employee Honesty under our insurance Umbrella

Call  1(866) TEAM SAFE  or email  patrol@safetydynamics.org  .



SECURITY GUARDS .    Email us at  guards@safetydynamics.org  .

Armed or unarmed ,  contact SAFETY DYNAMICS GUARDS for the best

managed uniformed security services .

Call now  1(866) TEAM SAFE .


Shopping Mall Security Specialists – New DHS terror warnings for all American Malls – Call John Sebastian directly at (510) 547-7656 for a phone consultation .     SAFETY DYNAMICS offers all malls within California our counterterrorism geared armed security programs with ex-DoD personnel ready to go to work for your Mall and keep it safe . . . . all while maintaining a pro-commerce atmosphere that will make your patrons happy to visit YOUR SHOPPING MALL .   

SAFETY DYNAMICS has over 25 years of experience ,  with ex-Federal Agents ,  off-duty Police Officers and a staff of over 100 Uniformed Guards ,  we have the highly sought after experience with state-of-the-art technologies like Thermal Imaging ,  NBC detection , License Plate & Facial Recognition Systems linked to national databases of wanted persons and High Security Alarm Systems .

You can not get a better comprehensive Shopping Mall Security Program than with SAFETY DYNAMICS :  Email now  MallSecurity@safetydynamics.org .

SAFETY DYNAMICS uses new Ford Motor Company patrol vehicles .




We have some exciting news  from SD&I magazine .     SAFETY DYNAMICS CORPORATION has been named in Security Dealer & Integration magazine’s 2015 Fast50 National List of fastest growing companies  :     ” The following 50 firms were recognized by SD&I magazine in the SD&I Fast50 Overall Rankings. Rankings were based on an algorithm that balanced revenue growth with percentage growth over two consecutive years . “

Check out the link to the 2015 rankings here !  :

SD&I New 2015 Fast50 : http://www.securityinfowatch.com/document/12062124/sdi-fast50-2015-rankings

SAFETY DYNAMICS CORPORATION continues to grow at a geometric rate within our core divisions :  Fire Protection and Electronic Security Systems Integrations .    We are very pleased to receive this national recognition from SD&I magazine ,  where we went toe-to-toe with the top public and private companies in the entire United States and achieved  rankings in several categories .  Our Patrol Guard Division is also staffed with highly experienced armed and unarmed guards ,  including off-duty and retired Federal and California agents and peace officers .

At  SAFETY DYNAMICS ,  quality engineering and systems integrations coupled with the highest level of customer satisfaction is our top priority .

Safety Dynamics Fire Systems  is  en fuego !      We have just added two (2) additional NICET fire alarm designers ,   One (1) additional NICET fire sprinkler designer and five (5) additional fire protection engineers to our staff .      With installation projects up and down California ,  we are now positioned to dominate the small to medium fire systems installation markets within the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and Greater Los Angeles area .

From complete design / build projects up to 500,000 square feet with full life safety and security integration ,  to simple single room replacement jobs ,   Safety Dynamics Fire Systems will complete your project on-time and on-budget , guaranteed .  We know how to push through the design and install phase correctly ,  guaranteed .   We have been doing this since 1991 ,  and always have staff on hand to answer AHJ or client questions ,  guaranteed .

Email John at :    fire@safetydynamics.org or telephone  Toll Free anywhere in   California    1(866) TEAM SAFE .

Safety Dynamics is working on several IP Camera projects right now ,  with wireless networking design and components ,  using 4.9 GHz to 80 GHz units .

If you need a wireless camera network ,  now is the time to call John at (510) 547-7656 ,  or email  at  cctv@safetydynamics.org .   Government clients can use AEGIS ,  or  email gov@safetydynamics.org .

Our Los Angeles Division is up and running .   SAFETY DYNAMICS CORPORATE installs fire systems ,  electronic and physical security systems ,  and complete camera systems .   We also provide full cabling services ( CAT5E  ,  fiber optic , and other  ) for virtually anything .

SAFETY DYNAMICS CORPORATE also configures IT Network Systems ,  with CICSO and MICROSOFT factory trained and certified installers and programmers . For DoD and DoE clients – we have active staff with DoD and DoE TOP SECRET CLEARANCE for your ultra-safe and secure projects .  SAFETY DYNAMICS  is also a certified SBE local company.  Use your SBE points with us and we will complete your projects on-time and on-budget ,  guaranteed  . . . . . job after job .    Email    ITSystems@safetydynamics.org  .

Electrical projects can email  electric@safetydynamics.org with your specifications .  Current government clients can ,  of course ,  use AEGIS ,  or email an ITB or RFQ to John Sebastian  at  gov@safetydynamics.org .

L.A. Corporate specializes in FIRE SYSTEMS INSTALLS with Siemens , Honeywell     and GE / UTC systems ,     just to name a few .    Email fire@safetydynamics.org ,   or call  John  ,    Toll Free  1(866) TEAM SAFE  Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM .

















Remember  . . . . . .  SAFETY DYNAMICS is the best private patrol or guard service that you can hire within Oakland  ,  guaranteed .